"Hello, David SG Ferringer Here! Welcome to our website!." ~D.

Over 25 years of Specializing in Repair & Refurbishing Rockman Rockmodules

What do we do? We Refurbish Rockman Rockmodules with our Stage 3 Refurbishment Procedure.

What is a Stage 3 Refurb?
With over two and a half decades of handling Rockmans, David has seen many issues. He has developed many techniques to restore them back to the way they were designed to sound....great! He calls this procedure a Stage 3 Refurb.
Among other steps, a Stage 3 Refurb consists of:

A pre-work Operations Check. “Yep, I check and evaluate every feature and function” ~D.

Multi-Point inspection to pinpoint and address issues and potential issuesIncluding Manufacturer Defects” ~D.
Addressing of Component, Dirt, Grounding and Solder Issues.

 Although now it is widely accepted, David was one of the first to advocate replacing aged Electrolytic Capacitors. “I consider a 30 year old Electrolytic Capacitor a potential issue, I replace ALL of them” ~D.

A Post-Work Operations Check
. “I check every feature and function again” ~D.

A "Critical Ear" Sound Check. "This may be the fun part but, this is the time when very subtle issues can be found." ~D

What is covered under the cost of a Stage 3 Refurb?
The cost now includes new jack nuts. (unless you specify to keep on the original black ones)
The cost now includes return US shipping.

All Minor repairs are covered. For instance: Solder Issues, Dirt Issues and many more.

What Major Repairs are covered?

Common Components. For instance: IC’s, Jacks, AC Cords, LEDs, Caps, AC Switches, Push Button Switches, Push Buttons, Resistors, ect that are readily available are covered.

What Major Repairs are NOT covered? Obsolete Components. For instance: Certain IC’s, Sliders, Control Switches, ect. that are NOT readily available are NOT covered. Physical damage is not covered.

What's this I hear about a warranty?
David backs his work by a limited Two Year Warranty. NOTE: Warranty is VOIDED if his seals are tampered with.





FOR SALE: Digitech MEQ Dual 14

This unit is one of my personal units from my studio. It has had my Stage 3 Refurb, which was a $650 service. Note: I no longer perform this service. It will have a one year limited warranty. It is a clean 1993 Model. Email for Pics. ~D

Price = $750 with Free US Shipping.


We are open.


$395=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Sustainor 100 or 200  
See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.

The Refurb also includes replacing the input jack wire with a high quality, silver plated, shielded, coaxial wire.

"Does Silver wire make a difference? No, I just think a Rockman deserves Silver." ~D

We can locate the Input Jack in the front or the rear. If no request is made, we will keep it where it was.


$250 - Sus 200 Option: Double IC Mod (Refurb Extra)

This is the SR&D Lead Level Update for the Sus 200 that speeds up the compressor release time. The result is subtle, but it helps keep fast notes from blurring.





        Available Now

$150 - Sus Option: Semi-Crunch Mod (Refurb Extra)

"Do you find yourself not using the Semi-Clean much? Is it because you are not inspired by the sparse harmonics? Can you even tell it's on?? This Mod kicks it up a couple notches." ~D



        Available Now 

$250 - Sus Option: Vari-Crunch Mod (Refurb Extra)

This Mod gives you the ability to dial in your own amount of harmonics to the Semi-Clean Feature. The knob can be added to the front or rear.




        Available Now 

$500 - Sus Option: 4 Channel Mod.

This Mod allows you to access all 4 channels. It uses a stereo jack in place of the stock mono jack. We provide a Hosa YPP-117  mono to stereo Y splitter. You use two channels from either a MIDI Octopus or a 2 switch stomp. These 2 channels give 4 possible modes.




 $200 - Sus Option: Double Jack Mod. (Refurb Extra)
By adding a second input Jack, you always have the option of plugging into the front or rear. High quality silver plated wire used.

"You also can leave the plug in the rear and override it by plugging into the front." ~D






$275=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Distortion Generator

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.

Includes SR&D "Lead Leveler" Update when applicable.





$200 - DG Option: FX Loop (Refurb Extra)

This mod adds a Send and a Return Jack to the back of the unit. Dave adds two factory type Rockman Jacks with high quality silver plated wire. For all DG Models.

"Many of us love the DG for its rich, thick tone. The FX Loop Mod takes it to the next level! It allows you to place an Equalizer in the "sweet spot," which is after the compression stage and before the distortion circuit. Highly recommended for tone tweakers!!!" ~D.


$250 - DG Option: Vari-Gain Mod (Refurb Extra)

This mod adds a Variable Gain Knob to the back of the unit. The Stock DG only has 3 setting for the Distortion Harmonics. This gives you the ability to adjust the amount of distortion from wide open to almost crystal clean and anywhere in between. You may be quite surprised how well the DG can make Semi-Crunch tones with this mod. This can be installed along with the FX Loop Mod however, the SN Sticker will be relocated.

"This mod is pure fun to play with. It is a blast to be able to Tame the Dragon!!!" ~D



$325=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Stereo Chorus

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.

Includes SR&D Input Level Update - when applicable.



$275=Stage 3 Refurb Service -  Smart Gate

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.





$325=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Chorus / Delay

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.


 $325=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Stereo Echo

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.

Includes SR&D Output Impedance Update when applicable.



$275=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Guitar Compressor

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.





$275=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Equalizer

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb. 



$300=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Midi Octopus

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.

"Since these units aren’t passing audio, many folks choose to ignore refurbing these until they fail. But, some failures are repairable, some are not”. ~D



$400 - Midi Octopus Option Blue Buttons (Refurb Extra)

This mod replaces the Grey "A" - "H" Buttons to Blue! Necessary? ...no. Cool? ...yea.




$200=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Acoustic Guitar Pedal
  See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.

$200=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Ultimatum Distortion Generator

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.





$200=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Wah-Wah Pedal

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.




$200=Stage 3 Refurb Service - Wah-Vol Pedal

See above description of our Stage 3 Refurb.



        Available Now  

$250 - Convert Rockmodule from 12VAC to 110VAC (Refurb Extra)



        Available Now  

$250 - Convert Rockmodule from 220VAC to 110VAC (Refurb Extra)



12VAC Adapter for Rockmodules not equipped with an AC Power Cord. These type modules were mostly sold overseas.


First official merch!   


$13.25 each + 2.50 shipping.



rts 24 Rockman Rack Tray Screws
The Same Taper, Same Length
and Same Color
as the original SR&D supplied ones


$3.50 Ship


24 Rockman Power Button Caps



$3.50 Ship




Until further notice, service is not available for the following units:


MIDI Pedal

Rockman 500 Amp

All Headphone Amps:
Bass Ace

Metal Ace
Guitar Ace






<< FREE Rockman Manuals - Click Here >>
Much thanks to Jark for putting together the Manual Site.
His hard work is appreciated by many!



::: Digitech MEQ Stage 3 Refurb Service :::

"Of all the EQs out there, the Digitech Mono 28 is my personal favorite. Why? 'cause the key to tone is Tweaking the Freqs baby. As with anything I put in my rig, I give it my "once over". And just like the Rockman line, there are issues that need addressed. So, I have developed a procedure that restores them to as new as possible. I now offer this to the public. ~D


- Digitech MEQ Stage 3 Refurb

Applies to all 3 Digitech Models:
Digitech Dual 14
Digitech Mono 28
Digitech Quad 4
Among other steps, a Stage 3 Consists of:
A pre-work Operations Check.
Replacing of all Electrolytic Capacitors.
Selector Replacement. This updated selector is less prone to physical damage.
Memory Battery Conversion to 
Resoldering of key Solder Joints.
Multi-Point Inspection.
Repair each push button contact.
Ruggedization. "Road-Worthy" anti-vibration techniques.
A post-work Operations Check

Note: All Minor covered. Major repairs extra.

NOTE: Service NOT Available at this time. And, no, we will NOT ever mod Dual 14 MEQS to PGE specs. A Mono 28 has all the bands needed.
, they are not running Rockman gear ~D)

(I service ZZ Top's MEQs. And before you ask, no...they are not currently running Rockman gear ~D)



David -
 "Let me take a moment to thank you for being such a HUGE help in the ZZ Top world. You have really made our lives here so much easier just knowing we have you in our back pocket on such a major part of Billy's live sound."

Thanks for your time,
 - Elwood Francis of ZZ Top



Billy Gibbons and David SG Ferringer 


Ok, Ready to restore your sound? What's the next step?
Please review all 13 lines:

1. Email us for shipping address. NOTE: We will not service any unit that has had previous work done elsewhere. If a unit is inadvertently sent, we will return it, untouched. In some circumstances, we may agree to proceed at 2x normal cost.

2. Include in your email:
Your PayPal email address. (This saves time asking)

3. Include a list of any issues you are having and/or, any Mods or Options you would like.

. If the module is not snugly packed, it can be damaged.

5. We hand-receive most boxes. So, "Signature Required" is not needed but, optional. If you need a "Signature Required" for return shipping, tell us.

6. We recommend USPS as, they are about 2 days faster and many times than not, less expensive. You can send by any means you wish, but it will be returned USPS. USPS provides free boxes.

Send us the Tracking Number. We are VERY busy and we need to know what is coming in and when.

8. Unless you are selling them to us, do not send Racktrays.

9. Occasionally, we will encounter unexpected issues that are not covered under the cost of the Stage 3 Refurb. If so, we will  get your approval before proceeding.

10. After the work is completed, we will send a PayPal invoice.

Make sure your PayPal shipping address is current and confirmed. We can only ship to your confirmed address.

12. If sending internationally, double boxing is mandatory. From Canada? it
is optional, eh.

13. Please monitor your emails often. We are sometimes waiting days & days & days & days for a response. This holds up the queue and adds turnaround time to the folks behind you.

Thank You for your cooperation!!!


If you have one of the Blue Rockman Schematic Books, please contacts us.








Contact us:

You will receive a reply in 24 hours. If not, ask send again.

If you asked a question that violates any of our policies, it will be ignored.





Please Note:
We will not service any unit that has had previous work done elsewhere.
If a unit is inadvertently sent, we will return it, untouched. In some circumstances, we may agree to proceed at 2x normal cost.

We do not offer a counseling service for self repairs. Nor do we offer parts or documents for self repairs.

 We thank you all in advance for not asking us to violate any of our policies. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences. 



Does Rockman-Repair.com buy Rockmodules?


Does Rockman-Repair.com sell Rockmodules?

Yes, when in stock.

Who are you guys?
The name of this business is Rockman-Repair.com

Who all works for Rockman-Repair.com?
David SG Ferringer is the only Tech. "But I have / had several other helpers who lend a hand with things like web page updates, shipping & receiving, email screening, ect. ~D"

What if I need an obsolete component?
We will give an estimate, if possible. "I have limited stock of some new, obsolete components" ~D.

What about Slider Pots and Control Switches? We will give an estimate, if possible. "I have limited stock of some good used components" ~D.

Was there a Stage 1 and Stage 2 Refurb?
Yes. As more and more issues and potential issues arise over time, the proprietary check list (and bench time) advances.

Since you no longer service X100s, (ect) Do you know who else can?
We don't work, nor vetted any other techs. We cant offer any advice over what Google can.

Why so much resistance to work on my Rockman that was previously fixed by my buddy/tech/wizard?
We are not here to un-fuck your buddy's heinous butchery...let him deal with it.


FAQ's for David:

Did you service equipment from the members of Boston?

"Yes. I serviced Rockmans for David Victor, Kimberly Dahme, and for Tommy DeCarlo's band. As well as a couple Boston Tribute Bands. ~D

Do you have a phone number that we can call and talk to you?
"No. Communications need to be email as, I may need them for back reference. ~D."

Did you service equipment for ZZ Top?
"Yes. I service their Digitech Meq's.  As well as a couple ZZ Top Tribute Bands. ~D"

Can you get me backstage passes / tickets for ZZ Top?
"No, Sorry. ~D"

Do you play guitar?
"Well, I play WITH it...lol! I do mess around with song writing. There is a link below (the cassette) ~D"

What guitar do you play?
"Carvin has treated us southpaw players as equals and not circus freaks. I started playing a Carvin in 1988 and I still play Kiesel's today. (Carvin's original name was Kiesel & they have reverted) ~D"

Do you use guitar pedals?
"Yep. My current fav overdrive is an OCD pedal (clone PCB) that I modded with LED clipping. ~D"

What is the secret to good tone? / Can you nail the Boston tone? / Do I need a Rev 20 Sus, PGE2, Gold top Les Paul? (ect)
"I like to approach tone by two separate aspects: Distortion Characteristics and Frequency Characteristics. And if you don't have a programmable EQ like an MEQ Mono 28, you can spin your wheels for a long time. I suppose if there is a secret, its your EQ curve. A visual reference is kinda critical. I have been threatening to make a video showing my process. And, yea, I have a damn good Boston Tone if I do say so myself.  ~D"

I heard its B.S. to change Electrolytic Capacitors. What do you think?
"Listening to someone's opinion is just a guide. (even MINE!) I never take ANYTHING as a "hard fact" and it is quite foolish to do so. Caps are not an "absolute" in terms of condition. So, an exact time limit cannot be determined. Some 30 year old caps test fine...some do not. And that is where the confusion or controversy slips in. It is plausible, I have handled more Rockmodules than anyone else to date, unsubstantiated of course. In my 20 years of experience and private testing, I have not seen evidence that keeping the original caps is beneficial. In fact, my testing is showing the opposite. Capacitor manufacturer's document the service life of about 10 years. Since Rockmans are now about 30 years old, I have taken the position of agreeing with the manufacture's data. So yes, it is B.S. to change caps. (B.S. = Best Safeguard) ~D"

What does the SG stand for in your name?
"SG = Southpaw Guitar...haha no. I have two middle names, which is good to have a spare if one breaks down on stage. :P  ~D"

Why do you like Rockmodules so much?

"Because they are AWSOME. ~D"





"Yup, this is me in a silly Rock Music Video. Recorded with a rig that includes a Rockman Sustainor" ~D





David's Original Music DEMOS Page


Recorded with a Rockman of course!