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Episode #1 POSTED!


(for some Rockin' Soxx Trivia, scroll way down)




So, what the hell is new?    What am I up to right now?

Music Video News:
    As a few of you may know, I monkey around with writing music and music videos. Two years ago, I announced I will be doing 13 videos and I kicked it off with the release of video #1- “Rockin’ Soxx”.  With having close to 50 songs, it’s going to be a hard choice on which tune will be video #2. But I do know which song will be #13. I have been working on the song, “The Vapor Trail” for about 22 years. Over time, this song has evolved into something I consider, rather special. And unquestionably, worthy of a video.

 From the song’s inception, I have dreamed up vague video concepts and elements. But, all in my mind’s eye. Recently, I assembled some simple place-holder elements into a video story board. Even in its rough form, it was a magical moment to see two decades of mysterious puzzle pieces fall into place. Its clear this one should be the Grand Finally of the series. The stark reality is, producing this video will be a serious challenge. But, I have a formidable tenacity…it’s going to happen.
So today, Nov 13 2019, I am announcing:
 “The Vapor Trail” video is in Pre-Production.
 Tentative Release Date: Nov 13th 2025. 




Rocking Soxx Trivia: There are hundreds of Photoshop elements in the video.....several hundred .....many are barely noticeable.

This project did, in fact, take over 632 hours. And that is not including writing & recording the song. 

The song was written on the red guitar seen @3:00 in 1990/91. It was originally metallic blue, hard tail and ebony fretboard.

The song was written in the back room of the garage. (Behind the Atlast wal)

There are 51 versions  (changes, mixes. ect) of the Rockin' Soxx song.

As of Nov 2019, no one has guessed all the personas. :)

The scene from 2:46 through 3:17 was filmed just before the eclipse and just after. My studio was uncomfortably hot. probably just as hot as the original movie set was. 

The Stunt Hoagie used in this episode is now available on eBay. 50% is going to charity.


@7:49 I was making eye contact with Rockie the Cat. Coincidently, he later left the house and did come back for an unprecedented 3 days.

@6:26 The nebula is in the shape of Soxx's tattoo.

This was the most difficult project I have ever done....and the most fun.

Whats next for Episode #2?

hahha... I dunno yet. I just wrote a new, rock-cliché love song and perhaps it would be good to do an episode more "universal."

I agree, episode #1 is aimed toward guitar culture.

When is Episode #2 coming out?

Wow, good question but, it is a matter of economics. Once songs are posted for sale on iTunes, ect, perhaps there will some return to get #2 in motion. BUT sharing is free and adds momentum.

Want to make a donation!?! www.paypal.me/DavidSGFerringer

Or Shop from the Amazon link:



Of course, I used a Rockman Sus 200 to track the tune. (more about the rig below)

 Since I have tracked most of my old demos with a Rockman, I suppose that tone is forever ingrained into my tunes.  It took some tinkering but, I now have a tone that is working great for me.


Ego Comp >

Rockman EQ > (Used on Clean Channel)

Y Splitter B > Sus's All Return (Clean Channel)

Y Splitter A > AMT SS11a >  Sus's Distortion/Edge Return  (Dist Channel)

Pedal Board >

Digitech MEQ > (critical in shaping the post freqs and db levels )

Rockman Chorus  >  (Stereo)

Reverb > (Stereo)

PC Sound Card

I am a chronic experimenter. I feel the Sus's Compressor Circuit is a bit on the squashy side. This layout bypasses it. The Wampler Ego Comp is fully adjustable, works great and feels invisible. So its one more step towards improvement.



The AMT SS-11a is a fairly unknown Russian (Twin 12AX7) Preamp. It's character is fantastic. I use it to add "tube growl" and a smidgen of boost in the Sus's FX loop. 

With that said, here is a note straight out of the Rockman Sustainor Manual:

Was that a warning or a challenge?!?


I am digging the Digitech Polara Reverb. A lot of quality packed into a pedal.


....how does it sound? To me, the Tracked Tone is great and it is quiet enough to run sans smart gate.

The last point on tone: In the age of High-Quality Digital Guitar Modeling, I think there is a cool-factor of running a 30 year old, Pure-Analog ROCKMAN. Also, I would guess there are very few rigs in the world implementing the same "Questionable Pre-emphasis.

And that's kinda cool too.







Here is an older Demo...yup its rough.



Current Digital Audio Workstation:

ASRock Z370 Taichi

i7 8086k 4.0GHz

Samsung SSD 960 Pro NVMe

32 Gig RAM

GeForce RTX 2070

Windows 10 64bit

Cakewalk Sonar

RME Babyface Pro USB


The wizdum band name? In 7th grade I misspelled "wisdom" on a spelling test. I phonetically answered WIZDUM. The irony was hysterical to me. I did legally register the band name in 2006. But it seems a LOT of kids use that name.

The Logo?
in 2003, I was goofing around with Photoshop and this was something I didn't delete. I thought I would come up with something better but, so far I haven't.

  When I see it, it boosts my mood.

A few notes to share to my fellow axe slingers:
I have tried many brands of strings over the years. D'Addario NYXLs are my favorite, by a Parsec.

The worst strings are Fender Bullets. They had rust inside the sealed plastic package. They felt "dry" as well. I compared a
new set of these to a new set of NYXLs. The Fenders had a slight drop in volume and took a lot stretching to stay in tune.
...sorry Fender, but the truth is the truth.

Dunlop Max-Grips are the only pick that stays put between by fingers.
But, they aren't quite perfect. I came up with an improved design. One of these days I will either submit it to Dunlop or have them manufactured myself.

I have used a DiMarzio Tone Zone DP155F pickup in the bridge of all my main axes since I can remember....20 years?



A page about the amazing, colossal
 Suzuki DR650

Who is Soxx?
Check out his Photoshop Adventures:

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