This is the place to find Peacefull, Calming, Relaxation Videos of Nature.
Great for Meditation, Sleeping.

10 min Video of Freedom Falls in Rockland Pa.
My favorite Spot in Kennerdale.
High Quality Video, True Stereo Sound.
41.236666N 79.7465W


3.3 Hour video of Freedom Falls in Rockland Pa.
True Stereo Sound


10 hour video of Freedom Falls Waterfall
 The video slowly fades to black . Perfect for relaxation / meditation / sleeping.



33 Min Leesburg Falls aka Springfield Falls. In nw Pa.
Hunter's Run. 41.1441°N 80.218°W


20 min Gentle Rain in the Forrest HD Video.
Gets light in the middle. Some gentle thunder. HD Stereo Sound.

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All Original Artwork and Videography by DSGF

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